Saturday, February 18, 2012


And now this land
Means less and less to me without you breathing through its trees
At every turn
The water runs away from me and the halo disappears
And the hole when you're not near

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Second Semester. And stuff.

So it's late. And I figured if I was going to waste some time, why not do it in a semi-productive manner? It's my second semester here at college and I'm really, exceedingly happy. I mean, I liked college in my first semester, but this time around, I'm adjusted, settled into little routines and most importantly...I was cast in one of our mainstage shows this semester! I got the part of Irina in Chekhov's Three Sisters. I feel as though every night at rehearsal I'm bombarded with such excellent excellent teaching while gaining such crucial experience. The people around me are so loving, talented and just all around awesome. Something I've always loved about Theater people in general is that they are so accepting.

However there's something that's been sort of nagging away at me tonight. I know it's minuscule and I spend too much time thinking about it....but I freaking HATE TWITTER. I want to delete my account, but I know if I do I'll severe a tie into what some of my friends are thinking. For a lot of the people I know, oddly enough Twitter is the one place they unabashedly express the desires of their hearts. Weird, I know, but a lot of these people are not very happy and I worry that if I delete my account, I'll be burning the bridge into their lives and that maybe one of my tweets will cheer them up one day, or will help them reconsider our friendship or a choice their currently wrestling with. I don't know...I feel lame for being so back and forth on it, but for now I'll keep it. Wouldn't want to regret it later.

Anyways, I really should be taking a shower, memorizing acts 3 and 4 of my play and getting ready for bed now. Best Wishes.

Oh, and I had to dye my hair darker for the play. Love it. I feel as though this color is closer to what I am naturally and suits me better.