Thursday, July 16, 2009

All We Are.

Last night I dragged my friend to the movies to see Harry Potter. It was...interesting, filmed very differently to say the least. I liked it, but sensed a lack of explanation, or plot, really. Normally, I'm an extremely harsh critic when it comes to books turned movies. I liked this one. Yes, there were flaws, but every movie has those.

I've been very lazy lately. Correction-I've been lazy all summer. All year I've been looking forward towards summer because I can spend all day with my friends, and all night writing. Ah, you know what comes next. This little plan of mine, like so many others, hasn't exactly worked out. I feel like I should hire someone to yell at me for not writing enough. Someone threatening, and overbearing with a loud voice to snap me into spirit. Tonight I will write. Regardless about what it pertains to, I just need to do it.

I'm leaving in a few days for a mini vacation. After that my best friend is coming to visit for a week. She'll bite my head off if I spend any time blogging, so I won't make another entry for a good two weeks or so, sorry. On the bright side, I might see The Fray soon. Partayyyy.

Sorry about what's about to follow, but I'm severely sleepy. My thoughts are becoming vastly disorganized.

-"We're all mad here." I need to read Alice in Wonderland. It's supposed to be great.
-I wish I lived by a forest. Or an abundance of trees. Something nice like that would be ideal.
-Coffee sounds good now, but a nap sounds equally tempting.
-I wish it was socially acceptable to wear sweatshirts in the summer.

I am increasingly sorry if you've bared through this entire post. My mind is shutting down.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I never claimed to be bulletproof.

Right about now I should be doing something to better our world, like painting a house, or building a wheel chair ramp. But nooooooo. The world had other plans for me.
Saturday I stumbled my way into Ashley's church parking lot, sleepy and not entirely coherent at nine in the freaking morning. I handed over my suitcase, which was practically exploding with all of the crap I managed to stuff inside. All my life I've been a heavy packer. Anyways, we were forced to stand in the heat for a solid thirty minutes or so. In this time I began to feel, well, like shit. I began to feel exactly like I had at Warped Tour. Lovely!
I kept telling myself to tough it out, everything would be fine, just wait until they give you the okay to take off. I didn't make it. My vision went black, my hearing was overshadowed by a high pitched ringing, the ground began to wobble threateningly beneath me & my stomach started doing cartwheels like a gymnast. I dragged myself to the car my mother was waiting in. The air conditioning was like heaven.
My family wasn't too happy about this experience. They began to piece together the jigsaw puzzle. Sleeping too much+almost passing out+putting too much salt on her fried rice=Katy has a serious problem! Personally, I found it very amusing. My family is known for their tendency to be over dramatic. Maybe that's where I got it from. The situation remained funny until yesterday afternoon.
"We're just going for a blood test, Katy. It won't be that bad." She promised me in the car. I hate hospitals, blood, and doctors. I even made a youtube video about it. Long story, simple fact-I'm thoroughly convinced Oakbend is the king of awful hospitals.
And just where, oh where do we pull up to? Oakbend. "MOM, I am not going in there."
She unbuckled her seat belt and waved her hand in the air, an attempt to dismiss my fear. "Don't be such a wimp. It's not that bad."
I glared at the front doors. "That place is a hell hole and I'm not going in."
"Yes you are." Her voice became a tad bit threatening. "Honestly, Katy, you could never be in the military." She was in the Navy. Because of this she's acquired an incredibly high tolerance for pain.
So I got out of the cab like a good little girl and willingly let the nurse stab me with a needle so she could collect bottles of my blood. The whole time my mother stood across the room smiling.
"This should cure your phobia of hospitals." It didn't work. I still hate them. It's funny, because I've never thought of myself as stubborn until just now.
Tonight I'm supposed to go to the Harry Potter premiere. If I don't get my rides in order then I'm out of luck until tomorrow. Hopefully everything works out, because the 6th is one of my favorites and Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Bellatrix is fantastic.
Random thought of the day-
I like oranges, but not anything 'flavored' orange. Mleh, gross.
Random conversation of the day-
As my blood was drawn, my friend was on the phone with me. This is our conversation-
Friend-Is it happening?
Me-Shut up.
Friend-Look at it!
Me-You're insane! No!
Friend-You're soooo lucky I'm not there right not. I'd totally play this up.
Me-*Nervously glances at arm* Okay, I looked. I hate you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

See you in a week.

And I'm off. Onwards I'll tread towards camp. The march of death.

Now I know to most people camp is a piece of cake, fun even. Let's just say my past camp experiences were filled with memories I enjoy suppressing. That's putting it lightly. I promised myself for years I'd never go back. Not ever again. I'd lost too many friends in the previous years to even think about enduring the circus again.

Then my friends started to plead, my mom began to harp, and my courage was tested. So, here I am, packing away. I leave early Sunday morning for a week of house-building and Jesus-singing fun. Sorry, I'm only remotely aware of how pessimistic I'm coming off.

Monday I finally went to that writing group. I was the youngest there, which didn't exactly come off as a surprise. There was one older man there who let us read a piece of his that the New York Times was running in its next issue. To say the least, it was astounding. There wasn't an error in sight. Flawless articulation and a strong voice. The group proceeded to rip apart each other's work. It was like watching a puppy being run over, tragically mesmerizing.

I'm not quite sure if I'll be returning to re-watch the horror. These were genuinely talented people who were sucking the creativity out of each other, devouring it like the first meal they'd had in days.

On a happier note, I'm making my older sister a CD tomorrow. I'll throw in a tad of rap to humor her, but the rest will be purely awesome. Marilyn's a musical genius, so she should have no problem helping me out. When I told Melissa of my plans she started laughing and said, "Hah, sure. Go ahead." Wait till she hears it. Her ears will practically explode!

Random thought of the day-
Paramore's new single is pretty awesome. Once a bamf, always a bamf. Oh, and I need to see Rent again.

Random conversation of the day-
Me-What time are we waking up tomorrow?
Friend-Too early for you.
Me-Ugh. What time?
Me-Ew. Are you trying to kill me?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And we will all sleep the day away.

I am incredibly tired. Yes, this is a well-known fact now.

Let's start with Warped Tour. It was, to put it lightly, an amusing disaster. The sun was absolutely baking everyone in sight. There was no shade. The friend I went with forced me to pack "at least five bottles of water". She's the concert pro. Plus, she's been to Warped Tour for the past three years. She was 100% dead on about the water. I was downing it like a camel. Seriously, on a day to day basis I normally only drink a glass or two of water and two Cokes. Yesterday was a new breed of a day.

Everything started out fine. Sure, my bag full of my eight water bottles and various unknowns was heavily weighing down on my shoulders. Also, it was sweltering. I swear to you, the sun must have been looking down on us and screaming, "Burn!". Nevertheless, I remained pumped. In record breaking time I bought a Meg & Dia shirt, received a free acoustic CD of theirs, bought a random, unheard of band's CD, watched another band perform and met a few cool drummers and guitarists. After three hours I felt like I was dying. My tank top was sticking to my skin, the water wasn't cooling me down in the slightest, my stomach was twisting like a jazz dancer, and my mass of blond hair felt like a fur coat piled on my head.

Try as I might to tough it out, I was breaking. No, no, no. Today was supposed to be epic. I was going to meet Meg & Dia, watch some stunning performances, and meet new people. After a solid thirty minutes of internal debate, I caved and texted my dad, telling him to pick me up early. It sucked. Really sucked. The friend I came with almost passed out. Another friend of mine got sick and left before I did. Countless people threw up and blacked out. Still, I hear it was pretty awesome.

Oh well, I suppose the muggy heat and I have never really been anything close to BFFs. In fact, I think we're enemies. I prefer the snow, or non-humid sunshine, or even the rain.

I'm sorry for this entry being so awfully whiny.

Random thought of the day-
The blue fireworks are my favorite, but the tend to appear the least.

Random conversation of the day-
Friend-You are a trip.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time is of the essence!

Really, it's no secret that I write best under pressure. My friends should be coming over to watch Moulin Rouge within the next thirty minutes. What a little procrastinator I am!

Oh, oh, oh! Warped Tour is Friday! However...there is a bit of a problem. It's been raining all week, in fact, we even had a power out. I spent the dark hours with a flash light and Pride and Prejudice, which was fabulous and absolutely everything that everyone has cracked it up to be. Anyways, rain+bands=no concert for Katy. And if that happens...I'll have a throw down. Oh, you only think I'm kidding! I will literally throw anything in my path against a wall! Well...maybe that's a little dramatic. But, hey, I suppose that's what I get for being a theater kid, right?

Tomorrow I have the great joy of visiting the dentist! Oh, the merry times we've spent together! Actually, I can't stand the man. He makes jokes while he peers into my mouth and expects me to laugh along with him. By the way, his jokes are more stale than a Saltine cracker that's been left out overnight. He's just lucky I haven't bit him yet.

Ah, and the writing group I've been meaning to attend! Yes, I'm sorry to say that meaning is the key word here. Last Monday my mother was too sick to take me. The monday before that she was too busy. Have I mentioned I need to get a car? First I just have to get a permit...