Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time is of the essence!

Really, it's no secret that I write best under pressure. My friends should be coming over to watch Moulin Rouge within the next thirty minutes. What a little procrastinator I am!

Oh, oh, oh! Warped Tour is Friday! However...there is a bit of a problem. It's been raining all week, in fact, we even had a power out. I spent the dark hours with a flash light and Pride and Prejudice, which was fabulous and absolutely everything that everyone has cracked it up to be. Anyways, rain+bands=no concert for Katy. And if that happens...I'll have a throw down. Oh, you only think I'm kidding! I will literally throw anything in my path against a wall! Well...maybe that's a little dramatic. But, hey, I suppose that's what I get for being a theater kid, right?

Tomorrow I have the great joy of visiting the dentist! Oh, the merry times we've spent together! Actually, I can't stand the man. He makes jokes while he peers into my mouth and expects me to laugh along with him. By the way, his jokes are more stale than a Saltine cracker that's been left out overnight. He's just lucky I haven't bit him yet.

Ah, and the writing group I've been meaning to attend! Yes, I'm sorry to say that meaning is the key word here. Last Monday my mother was too sick to take me. The monday before that she was too busy. Have I mentioned I need to get a car? First I just have to get a permit...

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