Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's Play a Game

So right now I'm sitting with my sisters. We have each had one small present dropped onto our lap. However, there's a catch: Melissa's still not here we have to wait. The Rutherfords have never been on time, so I'm expecting we'll be huddled around our neatly wrapped gifts for quite some time to come, playing the waiting game.

I gave Marilyn her present today. I made a collage of her favorite patterns onto a wooden letter M and accompanied that with pink cheetah pajama pants to match mine and a wolf necklace. Everyone who knows her plays along with the joke that she's a lone wolf. She really is though...haha.

Every year at my mom's house we do 'Secret Sister' which is exactly the same to secret Santa. I have Hannah this Christmas and yesterday purchased her gift. While shopping I found something that looked a lot like a zebra snuggie with a connected zebra hat. I started laughing when I saw it. It screamed Hannah. She keeps trying to snoop around the house and find out what's in store for her. Today I caught her staring at her pile of presents with a concentrated smile, attempting in vain to figure out what she will receive.

Garrett's birthday is the day after Christmas, which means he gets one present on Christmas and one the next day. I'm extremely fortunate to be blessed with a boyfriend who cares so little for material objects, however, I love the look on his face when he unwraps something special. I'd write on here what I've gotten him, but I know he sometimes reads this.

As for me, I only asked for one thing: tickets to the Broadway tour of Les Miserables. It's only the best musical of all time. I've been dreaming of seeing it for years. I've even read half of the book. My birthday was almost two weeks ago, and I received the tickets from my dad then. So that leaves a giant question mark for what lies under each tree for me. Honestly, I'm content with nearly whatever I'm given. After all, I already got the tickets, not much can top that.

Naturally, Melissa still isn't here yet. My sisters have each wandered off now, in pursuit of other activities to bide their time until they hear the front door open. Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with the people you love!

Monday, December 19, 2011


I opened this new blog post with a fierce determination to write about the quietly peaceful sound of rain hitting my window and the gentle gnawing of hunger in my stomach. However, the rain just stopped altogether and the gentle gnaw became an intensely angry gnaw. Lovely. lol.

ANYWAYS, I'm home now and things are nice. I met my sister's boyfriend this weekend. They're in love and it's sweet to see. I've been to two Christmas parties within the past three days and it's magical. It's so wonderful to be reunited with everyone from my hometown. However, I am beginning to notice the changes that have occurred while I've been away. For instance, the main road I drive on every day is under major construction. It's weird. There's always cops on that road now, sitting and stalking speeders like prey. Then there's the much deeper changes: people grow up a little, or loosen up a lot in some cases. It's nice to see the improvements in some areas, but frightening to see the neglect in other places. I apologize for the ambiguity and scattered structure of this post, but it seems like whoever is reading this blog should be used to that from me by now.

I redyed my hair and LOVE being back to my old bright blonde self.
Also, a weird light came on in my car today. And on the way home from Garrett's it started making scary sounds...I'm definitely taking it in tomorrow. I have an irrational fear that it'll explode on me while I'm really.

Goodnight to all! It's far too late for me to keep typing and I'm sure I'll receive my wake up call earlier than anticipated tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm in the midst of my very first set of college finals right now. Today I took my Stage Movement and Math exam, which left me feeling like a zombie at around one. Since then I've ran a couple errands, watch two episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and started to watch an old movie. Campus is getting an eerie vibe, because everyone is slowly clearing out. Even my roommate is gone. I'm starting to feel like I live in a ghost town.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday. ;)

Today I am nineteen.  This is the last of my baby years. This weekend has been really fun, a nice break before finals. Garrett came into town and visited yesterday and today. It was such an incredibly surreal feeling to be able to hug, smell, and just be around him again. When we're together we're like a team. We immediately slip into doing things together, whether it's folding laundry, or even carrying our fast food to the car. It's nice to actually have someone next to you to hold your hand and help you carry your stuff from your car to your dorm room. There's also something magnificent about the simplicity of sitting around on a Saturday and doing absolutely nothing with someone you love, whether it's a friend, significant other, whatever.

Today we went to Olive Garden after church with about ten of my friends. My favorite food in the entire world is bread sticks and Alfredo sauce from Olive Garden. YUM. I also had a slice of cake, a handful of presents, and one ridiculously out of key birthday song sung on my behalf. After Garrett left I was feeling down, so I padded off and bought a large Coke from Sonic and a new book. After and long time without reading, I forget how I much I truly love to get lost wandering through the pages of a book. It's a gorgeous thing to be able to identify with characters and their circumstances, to get to entirely wrapped up in what you're reading that you forget time and dive into the plot. On that note, I'm going to slip off and get back into reading, eating my Chick Fil A sandwich, and drinking my Coke.

Best wishes to all. 

My latest jam.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

At the Close

My first semester of college is ending. Funny, I feel like it has only just begun. It's flown by so fast! I picked my classes for next semester and cannot WAIT to have no Friday classes and huge breaks in my day. It's gonna be so great. I only have a week of school left, which includes finals. I only have two finals that I'm truly nervous about, but I'm going to work EXTREMELY hard so that I can get a good grade.

Also, today my radio play was broadcasted and tomorrow it will be available as a podcast. It was soooo strange to hear my own voice on the air.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Time Loves

To celebrate the oncoming holiday season here's a list of some of my favorite things about winter:

-SNOW!!! Where I live it's not too common to see this
-Holiday foods, especially Starbucks drinks
-Holding hands with Garrett while we both wear gloves :)
-Elf, starring Will Ferrell
-Christmas trees/homemade ornaments
-Scarves, hats, boots
-Everyone is nicer and happier
-Giving and Receiving presents
-My Birthday
-1 Month of no school ;)
-Holiday episodes/movies on TV
-The polar bear commercials and designs on Coke cans
- Christmas music
-Fireplaces being lit
-Family Christmas traditions

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enlighten Me.

   So this past week has been pretty enlightening. My grandmother passed away so I went to her funeral and viewing. This was the first time that someone so close to me has gone on to heaven. It was very surreal at first, but after the initial shock wore off I actually had fun at the funeral. I know, that sounds insane, right? You see, I'm never around family, so being with them all was truly a treat. The best part was listening to everyone recount stories of her angelic kindness, beautiful singing, delicious cooking and her unbreakable faith. For the first time I was able to hear stories from her brothers and sisters on her childhood and it was touching to hear how greatly she had positively impacted the lives around her. My grandma was a remarkable woman whom I greatly admire. I'm so happy that she is finally healthy and reunited with her husband as she parties it up in heaven.

   I'm about to go to the library and crack down on a couple of assignments that are due soon. School is good, I just have a lot to do all of the time. Above is a picture of me and my best friend hugging. It's almost Thanksgiving and I can't WAIT to see Garrett, her and my family. It's going to be so refreshing. 

   "Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."- Isaiah 4:3--31

   Above is a scripture that's help get me through the past week. When I feel exhausted, sad or lonely, I read this and and reminded of God's everlasting and overwhelmingly powerful love for me. It gives me the strength to push on.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hello all! I hope you had a marvveeelous Halloween. I  dressed up as a lion and went to all of my classes in costume! I got some pretty strange looks on campus, seeing as most people didn't don on their costumes till nightfall. However, most of my classes are theatre-centered, so I wasn't alone. It's nice to always have people who will be weird with you. At first I thought I'd wait till my costume party/meeting tonight to put it on, but when I talked to Garrett on the phone he said there was a good amount of people who came to class in outlandish garb, so I figured it was the perfect excuse to fluff up the mane early. I even went all out with my eye makeup too!

Okay, so, moving on. This is going to be a pretty busy, but good week for me. I have lots of events and even a rerecording of my radio play- Gift of the Magi. I am excited because everything, aside from the Math homework, seems really exciting, but there isn't much time allotted for sleeping, eating, or talking to Garrett. I know God will help me through the week, like he always does. 

Currently in school I'm presenting an extremely dramatic monologue this week. It's probably one of the most heartbreaking and difficult pieces I've ever worked on, even though it's only a minute or two long. I'm also learning ballet right now, which is awesome because I really enjoy it. It's such a beautiful, controlled and strong art. I love it. I am also really liking tap. Tap is complicated and tricky when you have a large group of dancers.

My mom is also selling our old house. It's weird because I've only been gone since early August, so when I come home for Thanksgiving we'll be at a new place. I'm totally okay with it though, because I'm probably going to stay and do some summer stuff here if I get the opportunity. Marilyn and Garrett will both be gone so I don't really have much of a reason to come home. I'm excited to see what the future has in store for me; it's just very surreal to be visually able to see the childhood chapter of my life being brought to a close with the move.

Happy Halloween.
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."-Matthew 7:7-8

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well hey there!
It's been a while...I know. I'm a bad blogger. lol. It's just, I've moved into my college life and really wanted to get settled in before I went back to blogging. But fear not, you help me brush up on my writing skills and are really helpful with letting me see my thoughts before my eyes.

Anyways, college is awesome. It's totally different than living at home, but in a good way. I miss my family and friends, but something about this step just feels right. This weekend I surprised my boyfriend with a visit and had a blast. It was so awesome to get to spend so much time with my boyfriend, my best friend. When I pulled back into the parking lot this morning to do some theatre work I was struck was a realization that this campus is exactly where God wants me to be. It was a nice feeling to know that the creator of the universe has picked out a special place for me.

The workload is pretty intense, but it pays off because I've already learned so much. It's only been two and a half months and already I know countless dance combinations like the waltz and the fox trot, have read several new plays and gained a better understanding on how to analyze them, and have learned even more about acting in general, not to mention Math or English.

I've also joined a Christian Sorority. It's awesome because we let in anyone who wants to be in it and the dues are super low. It's so nice to be surrounded by a community of girls who have their heart set on God and have such obviously radiant joy.

I love all of the trees here. This may be a small town, but I'm determined that you can always find something fun to do anywhere you go. I'm glad I've gotten to write on here tonight. It's very refreshing to come back to blogging. It helps me recount my blessings and kind of recap everything that's been going on in my life lately, kind of like taking a mental picture. Hope all is well with whoever is reading this.

OH! And tomorrow I'm giving a devotional for my pledge class and since it's Halloween I'll be dressed up like a lion! :D

Herbert: The Purple and Pink Lion
(My latest masterpiece)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flo Rida

Greetings, from Flo Rida! (Florida)

To the left is a picture I took while on the way here, just as the sun was rising.
I'm currently typing this up while on a week long trip with my best friend, Marilyn. You know how Florida is commonly referred to as 'The Sunshine State" well...that has never been true for us. We came here two years ago and there was a tropical storm. This time, just to be prepared, I had Marilyn look up a week forecast and here is what we got- Thunderstorms Well, it's a good thing I like the rain and that there are tons of good restaurants and shops around here to keep me occupied during those moments when the sea is too angry to swim in.

On a different note, when I come back I have a little over a week left with Garrett before we have to go back to being long distance. Please, don't think I'm insinuating that he is not worth it, I'd date that guy even if he lived in Tokyo, because he makes me happier than anyone else I know. It's just sad to have to spend so much of your time apart from the person you care about the most. Our colleges are pretty close together, actually, as far as university distance goes. They're notoriously rival schools, ha ha. I'll spare you the rest of the sappy details and move on now.

I know this may sound extremely pathetic, but the thing I am most excited about in Florida is...KRISPY KREME! We don't have one where I live and it is such a treat to find them here. Now that I think about it, it's probably a good thing we don't have one of these back home...or I'd be spending all my money on coffee and donuts. Whatever. I'm easily pleased for now.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Animal Shelters

You know those extremely depressing 'save the animals' commercials that always come on daytime TV? Well, I've never really thought much of them. Sure, animal abuse is bad and I love cute little kittens. I'd be momentarily sad, then forget about it altogether when the show I was originally watching returned. What I was thinking never really struck me as apathetic or selfish...that is until last night.

It all started with a simple video a friend had left on my Facebook wall. You know, one of those silly cat videos that are meant to be totally stupid, yet hypnotizing at the same time? Well, one link led to another and eventually I found myself googling breeders, thinking about from whom I would like to someday purchase a future pet from. Yet again, one link led to another and I this time found myself on my local city's SPCA website. Wow. I had no idea that there were so many animals in one shelter. Most of them are put to sleep. You know where we got the cats we dissected in my Anatomy class this year? Animal shelters. As I perused this site my heart began to change. I so desperately wanted to volunteer, but I'm going to school right after the next orientation. Maybe next summer.

This time, during ABC's Harry Potter marathon, when a familiar animal commercial came on and Sarah McLachlan  started to urge the audience to give donations and realize just how awful this situation is, I actually paid attention. Now, when I see my cat or my dog, I think twice about how much I care about them and how they are such loyal and loving companions.

I'm sorry that this blog is so 'Save the animals themed' today, but it's just what's on my heart at the moment. Here's a cute kitten video to cheer this post up!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Katy's Cookin'

Lately I've been doing something out of character. Nope, it's not smoking, or swearing, or even cleaning my room, but rather, cooking. It all started when my mom asked me to cook some dinner last night, BLTs, while she went to the gym. As the bacon started to sizzle, it dawned on me...I actually enjoy cooking! I've only just now figured that out because well, much to my feminine dismay, I've never really known how to cook. Once I started I just couldn't stop. I picked up a cook book and started googling a couple recipes for Chocolate cheesecake. Today I made stuffing, pork chops, and cheese and garlic biscuits. And may I say, it was delish. Food tastes so much better when prepared by my own hands.

But make no mistake,I have always loved food, this isn't a new found thing. My dad always encouraged us to bee pretty open with trying new foods. He likes to call it 'Broadening your horizon'. I've had everything from Indian to Fried Alligator, plus having an Asian stepmother also helps out in the food department. Her fried rice is pretty good and her noodles are absolutely killer. Come to think of it, I should probably start creepin' on her in the kitchen and take some lessons.

The ironic thing about this is that in about a month or so I'll be going off to college...with only a microwave and a minifridge. Well, gotta start somewhere, right? And I suppose I can always return to the kitchen on breaks...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The purpose of this blog

I suppose only just recently I've come to terms with myself on why I even have this blog in the first place. Really, it's just something that I can look back on and reread what was going through my jumbled little head in previous times. I'm not hear to attract a multitude of followers, or even to explore just how deep the depths of my creative writing talents can go. All in all, I just flat out enjoy looking back on all of the things I've posted in the past. It keeps me in line in an odd sort of way and reminds me that worrying over my future really has no productive purpose whatsoever, because everything I've ever lost sleep over in this blog has been fantastically resolved. So, in a way, this should be viewed as a public sort of onlineCheck Spelling diary thingy.

Well, now that that's all said and done I'll let a couple things out. Firstly, since my last post I have hooked myself a wonderful boyfriend named Garrett. He sort of came up out of the blue and we've been going strong for the past nine months. Marilyn is still my best friend and still is obsessed with her miniature poodle, Casper. I've gotten a Theatre scholarship to a not so faraway college and am happily spending my summer doing absolutely nothing and loving every second of it.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to the beach with my older sister and eating lunch with my dad, but knowing my family, something completely opposite will happen. However, one thing is always certain-will will absolutely positively be late to wherever it is we end up going.