Monday, December 19, 2011


I opened this new blog post with a fierce determination to write about the quietly peaceful sound of rain hitting my window and the gentle gnawing of hunger in my stomach. However, the rain just stopped altogether and the gentle gnaw became an intensely angry gnaw. Lovely. lol.

ANYWAYS, I'm home now and things are nice. I met my sister's boyfriend this weekend. They're in love and it's sweet to see. I've been to two Christmas parties within the past three days and it's magical. It's so wonderful to be reunited with everyone from my hometown. However, I am beginning to notice the changes that have occurred while I've been away. For instance, the main road I drive on every day is under major construction. It's weird. There's always cops on that road now, sitting and stalking speeders like prey. Then there's the much deeper changes: people grow up a little, or loosen up a lot in some cases. It's nice to see the improvements in some areas, but frightening to see the neglect in other places. I apologize for the ambiguity and scattered structure of this post, but it seems like whoever is reading this blog should be used to that from me by now.

I redyed my hair and LOVE being back to my old bright blonde self.
Also, a weird light came on in my car today. And on the way home from Garrett's it started making scary sounds...I'm definitely taking it in tomorrow. I have an irrational fear that it'll explode on me while I'm really.

Goodnight to all! It's far too late for me to keep typing and I'm sure I'll receive my wake up call earlier than anticipated tomorrow.

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