Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's Play a Game

So right now I'm sitting with my sisters. We have each had one small present dropped onto our lap. However, there's a catch: Melissa's still not here we have to wait. The Rutherfords have never been on time, so I'm expecting we'll be huddled around our neatly wrapped gifts for quite some time to come, playing the waiting game.

I gave Marilyn her present today. I made a collage of her favorite patterns onto a wooden letter M and accompanied that with pink cheetah pajama pants to match mine and a wolf necklace. Everyone who knows her plays along with the joke that she's a lone wolf. She really is though...haha.

Every year at my mom's house we do 'Secret Sister' which is exactly the same to secret Santa. I have Hannah this Christmas and yesterday purchased her gift. While shopping I found something that looked a lot like a zebra snuggie with a connected zebra hat. I started laughing when I saw it. It screamed Hannah. She keeps trying to snoop around the house and find out what's in store for her. Today I caught her staring at her pile of presents with a concentrated smile, attempting in vain to figure out what she will receive.

Garrett's birthday is the day after Christmas, which means he gets one present on Christmas and one the next day. I'm extremely fortunate to be blessed with a boyfriend who cares so little for material objects, however, I love the look on his face when he unwraps something special. I'd write on here what I've gotten him, but I know he sometimes reads this.

As for me, I only asked for one thing: tickets to the Broadway tour of Les Miserables. It's only the best musical of all time. I've been dreaming of seeing it for years. I've even read half of the book. My birthday was almost two weeks ago, and I received the tickets from my dad then. So that leaves a giant question mark for what lies under each tree for me. Honestly, I'm content with nearly whatever I'm given. After all, I already got the tickets, not much can top that.

Naturally, Melissa still isn't here yet. My sisters have each wandered off now, in pursuit of other activities to bide their time until they hear the front door open. Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with the people you love!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you got something good for Secret Sister. :)