Sunday, July 10, 2011

Animal Shelters

You know those extremely depressing 'save the animals' commercials that always come on daytime TV? Well, I've never really thought much of them. Sure, animal abuse is bad and I love cute little kittens. I'd be momentarily sad, then forget about it altogether when the show I was originally watching returned. What I was thinking never really struck me as apathetic or selfish...that is until last night.

It all started with a simple video a friend had left on my Facebook wall. You know, one of those silly cat videos that are meant to be totally stupid, yet hypnotizing at the same time? Well, one link led to another and eventually I found myself googling breeders, thinking about from whom I would like to someday purchase a future pet from. Yet again, one link led to another and I this time found myself on my local city's SPCA website. Wow. I had no idea that there were so many animals in one shelter. Most of them are put to sleep. You know where we got the cats we dissected in my Anatomy class this year? Animal shelters. As I perused this site my heart began to change. I so desperately wanted to volunteer, but I'm going to school right after the next orientation. Maybe next summer.

This time, during ABC's Harry Potter marathon, when a familiar animal commercial came on and Sarah McLachlan  started to urge the audience to give donations and realize just how awful this situation is, I actually paid attention. Now, when I see my cat or my dog, I think twice about how much I care about them and how they are such loyal and loving companions.

I'm sorry that this blog is so 'Save the animals themed' today, but it's just what's on my heart at the moment. Here's a cute kitten video to cheer this post up!

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  1. I have to say Katy, I really appreciated this post. I find a lot of people apathetic towards domestic animals, especially since we humans are responsible for their neglect and abuse.

    Since they are domestic animals, they are dependent on owners to feed and take care of them. Sometimes people cannot afford to take care of animals, but often there are cases of dog fighting, neglect, hoarders, puppy mills, poor living conditions, and more. Fortunately, the Houston SPCA does not euthanize for space. They will only euthanize an animal if they are unable to save it, or if it is in critical condition. But Pit Bulls, by policy, are euthanized.

    To get a real insight on the seizures shelters pursue, watch any of the Animal Cops on Animal Planet (though I prefer Animal Cops Houston, haha). One episode is just enough to give you an idea of what happens to domestic and sometimes wild animals.

    Since my sister currently works at the SPCA (barn), she convinced our family to foster a jenny (female donkey) and her foal. You and Garrett should come over to meet them :)