Sunday, October 30, 2011


Well hey there!
It's been a while...I know. I'm a bad blogger. lol. It's just, I've moved into my college life and really wanted to get settled in before I went back to blogging. But fear not, you help me brush up on my writing skills and are really helpful with letting me see my thoughts before my eyes.

Anyways, college is awesome. It's totally different than living at home, but in a good way. I miss my family and friends, but something about this step just feels right. This weekend I surprised my boyfriend with a visit and had a blast. It was so awesome to get to spend so much time with my boyfriend, my best friend. When I pulled back into the parking lot this morning to do some theatre work I was struck was a realization that this campus is exactly where God wants me to be. It was a nice feeling to know that the creator of the universe has picked out a special place for me.

The workload is pretty intense, but it pays off because I've already learned so much. It's only been two and a half months and already I know countless dance combinations like the waltz and the fox trot, have read several new plays and gained a better understanding on how to analyze them, and have learned even more about acting in general, not to mention Math or English.

I've also joined a Christian Sorority. It's awesome because we let in anyone who wants to be in it and the dues are super low. It's so nice to be surrounded by a community of girls who have their heart set on God and have such obviously radiant joy.

I love all of the trees here. This may be a small town, but I'm determined that you can always find something fun to do anywhere you go. I'm glad I've gotten to write on here tonight. It's very refreshing to come back to blogging. It helps me recount my blessings and kind of recap everything that's been going on in my life lately, kind of like taking a mental picture. Hope all is well with whoever is reading this.

OH! And tomorrow I'm giving a devotional for my pledge class and since it's Halloween I'll be dressed up like a lion! :D

Herbert: The Purple and Pink Lion
(My latest masterpiece)


  1. I love how happy your blog is. :)
    Glad you like college. It's pretty much awesome.

  2. And I love how you comment on my posts! :) It makes me so happy!