Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I never claimed to be bulletproof.

Right about now I should be doing something to better our world, like painting a house, or building a wheel chair ramp. But nooooooo. The world had other plans for me.
Saturday I stumbled my way into Ashley's church parking lot, sleepy and not entirely coherent at nine in the freaking morning. I handed over my suitcase, which was practically exploding with all of the crap I managed to stuff inside. All my life I've been a heavy packer. Anyways, we were forced to stand in the heat for a solid thirty minutes or so. In this time I began to feel, well, like shit. I began to feel exactly like I had at Warped Tour. Lovely!
I kept telling myself to tough it out, everything would be fine, just wait until they give you the okay to take off. I didn't make it. My vision went black, my hearing was overshadowed by a high pitched ringing, the ground began to wobble threateningly beneath me & my stomach started doing cartwheels like a gymnast. I dragged myself to the car my mother was waiting in. The air conditioning was like heaven.
My family wasn't too happy about this experience. They began to piece together the jigsaw puzzle. Sleeping too much+almost passing out+putting too much salt on her fried rice=Katy has a serious problem! Personally, I found it very amusing. My family is known for their tendency to be over dramatic. Maybe that's where I got it from. The situation remained funny until yesterday afternoon.
"We're just going for a blood test, Katy. It won't be that bad." She promised me in the car. I hate hospitals, blood, and doctors. I even made a youtube video about it. Long story, simple fact-I'm thoroughly convinced Oakbend is the king of awful hospitals.
And just where, oh where do we pull up to? Oakbend. "MOM, I am not going in there."
She unbuckled her seat belt and waved her hand in the air, an attempt to dismiss my fear. "Don't be such a wimp. It's not that bad."
I glared at the front doors. "That place is a hell hole and I'm not going in."
"Yes you are." Her voice became a tad bit threatening. "Honestly, Katy, you could never be in the military." She was in the Navy. Because of this she's acquired an incredibly high tolerance for pain.
So I got out of the cab like a good little girl and willingly let the nurse stab me with a needle so she could collect bottles of my blood. The whole time my mother stood across the room smiling.
"This should cure your phobia of hospitals." It didn't work. I still hate them. It's funny, because I've never thought of myself as stubborn until just now.
Tonight I'm supposed to go to the Harry Potter premiere. If I don't get my rides in order then I'm out of luck until tomorrow. Hopefully everything works out, because the 6th is one of my favorites and Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Bellatrix is fantastic.
Random thought of the day-
I like oranges, but not anything 'flavored' orange. Mleh, gross.
Random conversation of the day-
As my blood was drawn, my friend was on the phone with me. This is our conversation-
Friend-Is it happening?
Me-Shut up.
Friend-Look at it!
Me-You're insane! No!
Friend-You're soooo lucky I'm not there right not. I'd totally play this up.
Me-*Nervously glances at arm* Okay, I looked. I hate you.


  1. agreed, helena bonham carter is amazing. i saw her first in fight club and anything else i've seen her in is just amazing.
    wow, i sound like such a creeper, but you know.
    honestly i thought the movie was a let down. the only thing enjoyable was the goofy things they threw in for humor. setting the burrow on fire cheesed me off majorly.

  2. As usual, my plans last night didn't go as planned, so I'm seeing the movie tonight instead. Mleh, if it sucks...I'll probably throw something.

    Have you seen her in Sweeney Todd? I liked that movie, but from what I hear, many people hate it.