Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Yesterday I got a car, but not just any car, a really beaten up car. I have named it Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I love it already. My family keeps pushing whispers that they want me to take the Lexus once Winter rolls around, but a tiny part of me wants nothing to do with that posh status symbol. I like my car, even if it screams antiquity. It's mine. And I don't have to worry about scratching leather seats or having my family discover I've dented the bumper. Sorry, I imagine I sound a bit like a nonconformist brat right about now. Truthfully, I know I should be delighted to recieve such a wonderful gift. A lexus is a good car, many people would be extradinarily happy about owning one. I need to just swallow my pride and accpect the gift...along with whatever chains come with it.

Anyways, school starts next week. I'm really not thrilled about going back to the tedious prison, but I'm totally ready to be one step closer to graduation. One more year. It's a wonderfully terrifying concept to grasp. I love where I live, honestly, I don't think there's another place in the whole world like it, but I am ready to finally start study Theater full time. This coming year will be an exciting ride, I can just feel it. Even if my new Theater teacher is a total moron and my classes are overloadingly monotonous, I'll do my freaking best. This won't be a repeat of my previous failed attempts for good grades and such. I'll actually try this time...I think. Whatever, it's my Senior year, things are going to get crazy. :)
But don't worry, not too out of control. After all, I am a good kid.

Good luck everyone.

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