Saturday, November 14, 2009

A composition of my Friday night.

After a particularly gruesome week my two friends and I decided we needed a Friday Night Escape. As always, I was in charge of deciding just how we would kill the hours. Due to a serious need of an improvement in my winter wardrobe, I chose the mall. 

Now let me tell you, some of these sales people are just plain creepy. I'm pretty sure some of them would actually sell a body part just for you to buy something. Oh, and what kind of horrible world do we live in where a mall closes at nine? 

By the time we actually came home it was around midnight. I'd reached the much-coveted moment in fatigue when you actually become delirious. Every word that came out of my mouth seemed to be coated in golden hilarity. Before one, I was out cold, still in my jeans.

Random conversation of the day-
I haven't had one yet, everyone is still asleep.

Random thought of the day-
Why do owls look so wise?

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