Thursday, April 30, 2009

It falls.

The volume on my computer is cranked up as loud as it will go. I'm not sure why I do this. Perhaps to drown out thoughts, or noise, maybe it's just because I like my music loud.

Yesterday I went to my best friend's youth group, which I adore. We went up into her mom's office and decorated her computer with post it notes. Each note had a random fact about me on it. She's practically my second mother, so she found it very amusing and 'cute'.

You know who I think is just made of awesome? Natalie Portman. She's such a good actress. I recently rewatched V for Vendetta and was once again, dazzled. I've only seen it twice, but I know that I'll see it many more times. You see, normally I either really like something or really don't like it. It works that way with people, too. Love or hate. Anyways, I have many things that I just love to death and many things that I cannot stand.

I love waking up to music. It gets my blood pumping and my eyes open.

I cannot stand going to sleep to music. I'm sorry. I wish I could learn to love it, but I just can't. Unless I'm really tired, I can't fall asleep with any noise or too much light. Yes, I know, I'm

Random conversation of the day-
Me-Have you every noticed...that our teacher looks like an elf, a very angry elf?
Boy in my class-Um, no, but he so does! He looks like the elf leader!
Me-Ha ha? Leader?
Boy in my class-Yeah, because the leader elf is always super mean!

Random thought of the day-
My sister, Melissa, bought a tie die shirt today. I'll be borrowing it soon.


  1. Seriously?
    Once I slept with my ipod earphones all night, had the strangest dreams.Would recommend it to anyone who wants an eventful sleep.

  2. Maybe I'll try that...if I can ever sleep with earphones in. I'l play crazy music for some crazy dreams.