Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music and Spelling.

You know, as a kid I had the hardest time spelling the word Wednesday? Call me challenged. I've been having the weirdest dreams. For example, on Monday night I fell asleep reallllyyyy early. I'm talking seven, people. As I slept I had a dream that I stole hundreds of dollars from the poor then proceeded to lie about it, telling everyone I really gave the money back to the homeless. When I awoke the next morning I felt utterly confused. For a few minutes I actually thought I'd stolen the money. I felt extremely guilty until I realised I was being an idiot because it was all a crazy dream. I guess that's what I get for letting my imagination run wild!

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Meg & Dia. If you don't know who I'm talking about then go look them up...NOW! I mean it. Anyways, they're coming here this summer for the Vans Warped Tour. I'm bringing my sister and hopefully my best friend with me this year. It should be an educational experience for Melissa, she only listens to a few genres. My goal is to broaden her musical horizon, ha ha.

I have to admit that finding out we are in the last six weeks of school threw me for a loop. For one thing, this year is soooo much better than last year. Let's just say that I had my reasons for having a shitty year. I feel like this year has been a year of significant growth. You could say I opened my eyes to the world. I've been reading as much as I can and writing like a crazy person. Plus, I switched out of my dreadful choir class. Don't get me wrong, choir kids are just awesome. Some of my best friends are in choir, it's sort of a 'cool' thing to do at my school. Anyways, I was a member of choir for a good four and a half years. Really, I should have dropped out on my first day. I CAN'T SING. AT ALL. Now I'm in theater. It's ten times better. I learn a lot more and find myself enjoying the class. In fact, I liked it so much I was moved into the JV class.

So, like I was saying, I'm excited to be a junior and all, but I just don't feel like I'm old enough to be one. Sure, I'm tall enough the be one-five four, but that doesn't really count. My older sister will be going away to college. I'll be driving and working. It'll be a whole new world and I've never been one known for liking change. In fact, it's safe to say I fervently hate it. We'll just have to see how the year maps out, won't we?

Well, I'm off to go buy some fried rice and drink a can of Coke!

Random conversation of the day-
Melissa-Have you ever snuck out of the house?
Me-Shut up.
Melissa-No, really, Katy! Have you ever snuck out your window and jumped over the air conditioning vent & hopped over the gate?
Me-Why would I hop over the gate?
Melissa-Because you can't walk through it!
Me-Um, I would try opening the gate next time. Idiot.

Random thought of the day-Today I painted my nails red in the middle of class. I am a model student, aren't I?


  1. I am Wednesday-impaired as well. I used to pronounce it like it was spelled until I could spell it cold. Sometimes I revert back to the wrong way to say Wednesday, though I can spell it perfectly. Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.

  2. Thanks. Now I know I'm not alone with my poor spelling habits. Without spell check where would I be?