Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Say what?

Two entries in a row, huh?

Callbacks aren't for a few more days. So there's that.

Today I went to the mall and bought Identical and a red hat from Forever 21. God, I could live in that store, well, that and Urban Outfitters. The only downside to this otherwise altogether inspiring trip was one of the girls who I went with.

I don't want to get into details. For one thing, it would take a bazillion years to type that all out another is the fact that I'm not so sure that someone I know won't stumble upon my blog. I know, call coward.

God. Freaking walking stereotypes. Don't they upset you?

Have I ever mentioned my cat on here before? I love her to death, even if she is a little...off. Her name, ironically, is Lu Lu. She's a lovely little thing, but she does have a bit of a problem. As a kitten she was spayed. The medication they doped her up with made her naturally a little loony. The poor dear drools when you pet her and never seems quite coherent, or able to understand what's going on around her. And yet, everyone in my family seems to love her despite her strangeness.

Right now she's climbing me like a mountain, licking my face with a dreamy expression as she attempts to balance on my shoulder. It's not working out so well for her.

Random thought of the day-
I should buy a red dress to go with my hat. I'm thinking it'll look lovely, very home wrecker(ish).

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  1. i have a cat named lulu. she has her sanity, though.