Monday, June 1, 2009

An amusement of sorts.

School is almost done! Par-tay!

I saw Paramore in concert this past weekend. We drove all the way to Dallas because the tickets were only ten dollars, which is outrageously cheap considering the fact that No Doubt, The Sounds, and Paramore were all playing.

It was lovely and I was so happy. Now, I'm just itching to go to another concert. PRONTO!

So, here I am, sitting and babysitting, drinking Coke, writing this entry, and listening to Pandora. Today is truly a chill day.

I wore a dress to school today. It was fantastically vintage. Speaking of which, my room's thing is vintage. I'm thinking of painting it a lovely green. I should write a quote on the wall. But which one?

I'm currently devouring the next book in the Gone series. It's called Hunger. I'm trying to read it slower, to lengthen the experience. Let's face it, I'll finish it in a matter of hours.

Today, it was a bit sad to say goodbye to a few friends. Okay, a bit is an understatement. I hated having to say goodbye to these people. I know that you just can't expect to be friends with some people, but it was still a melancholy experience. Oh, look, now I'm all nostalgic. I can just imagine how teary it'll be when I graduate and drive of to college. Super.

Random thought of the day-I'm almost a junior. I think seventeen is the ideal high school age. You're not yet an adult, but no longer a child.

Random conversation of the day-
Marilyn-It's so cold! I'm going to run over to the heater to warm myself up!
Me-You look like a witch stirring her cauldron.


  1. We are both named Katy and we are also both (nearly) juniors.


    Being nostalgic sucks. It's true!

  2. I don't feel like any of us look or act like juniors yet.
    I'm not so nostalgic anymore.
    New memories to be made, new faces and places to see.