Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My dearest sister, Melissa.

Today Melissa turned 18. Well, actually only twenty three minutes ago, considering the fact that I'm writing this at 12:23.

I believe I failed my Spanish 3 exam today. Lovely thoughts, Katy. I AM NOT retaking Spanish 3 next year is this is the cause of my failing the year. Hells no. These past three years of Spanish have been torture. I swear, one more conjugation and I would have thrown my binder at the board and screamed, "I HATE SPANISH! I ONLY GOT THROUGH THE PAST THREE YEARS BY CHEATING OFF THE NERDY KIDS AROUND ME!" Yeah, I'm a little exuberant, what can I say?

The whole cheating thing is sadly true. Test me in any other subject and I'll pass gracefully, especially English. Give me Shakespeare and I'll fly. Anyways, I really only got caught cheating once, I didn't even get in trouble, just scolded. My friend and I laughed our whole way through it. Stupid state requirements. Stupid striving for a distinguished graduation. If I don't pass, then screw it.

I should really get back to writing. I started last summer, determined to write as much as possible. Same story going, but there's lots of editing that needs to be done and I'm not really looking forward to that.

Oh, right, back to my sister. It's her birthday today. Whoo hoo! I'll tell you a little about her.

A profile of Melissa-
First of all, she's gorgeous in the Barbie way. Seriously, she's a brunette version of Barbie. She's stick skinny, tan from spray tanning, which, by the way, I detest, five elven, and ditsy as hell, but we all love her anyways. She'll make you laugh when you want to punch her in the face and sing her heart out as she dances around the living room, pretending not to hear you screaming for her to shut up. Melissa is the type of person who chooses to see the good in the world, rather than the truth. This is both a blessing and a curse. She makes friends like Dominoes makes pizzas, but often finds herself in sticky situations with people she thought would love her unconditionaly. A happy go lucky kid. And that's just it, to me, she's still just a kid. I'm so motherly towards her, constantly watching out for her and telling her what to and what not to do, who to avoid entirely and what music to listen to. Well, I guess you have to cut the cord somewhere right? The pliers are coming out-college is approaching. I love her to death, but she irritates me more than almost any other person I know.


  1. Glad to know my hatred of conjugations is widespread. ;)

    Seriously, I have an A (cough nerd), but I know NOTHING. I can't hold out a full conversation with a native speaker; I've tried, and failed miserably, only to garble out "mi profesora de espanol es muy mala."

    Therefore, I declare the foreign language system in my school as an epic failure.

  2. Very classy. I really think the school system's purposefully only hire sucky teachers, just for their own amusement. Luckily, I passed Spanish 3 with a 70 for the year. Thank God.