Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wax on, wax off.

I'm going to start taking Yoga classes with my friend, Amber. My mother keeps saying it's demonic, but it's not like I believe in all of it. I'm just in it because it's something to do and it sounds like fun.

My big plan throughout the duration of my sophomore was to sleep till two, hang out with my friends, then come home and write until four in the morning. You see, this schedule worked out flawlessly for me last year, so why wouldn't it work that way this year?

Well, now more and more of my friends have cars, which means we can hang out more, so I'm staying out later and later. Also, my family has been waking me up at noon. Gross. I despise waking up before two. I'm like a cat. Wake me up early and expect to be scratched.

Oh, oh, oh, I dyed blue streaks in my hair! Actually, my friends Marilyn and Sam did it, but I think it looks rather lovely.

Random conversation of the day-
The day is too early for speaking. It's only 1:31

Random thought of the day-
Snow leopards can't roar.

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