Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who said I don't like change?

The time has come to enroll myself in a writing class. Let's face it, if I want to improve...this could be handy. Anyways, the only local class, or something close to that, is at Barnes and Noble once a week. Now, I really love Barnes and Noble. I've always wanted to work there. But, the thing is, if I go my work will be critiqued. Out Loud. In Front Of Everyone. Oh, ho, ho. Marvelous.

Maybe I'm this way because of Theater. In my Theater class the teacher sort of rips you to shreds every time you perform. There will be tears. Well, maybe in some morbid, completely dysfunctional way it's working for him, because his musicals are known to be the absolute best around. People flock to them every year. And the actors? Wow, you can't top them. He's got kids in Broadway, radio shows in NYC, and even a few in jail...not that I aspire to be a criminal, or anything.

Nonetheless, I'll show up with a smile plastered on my face. Yeesh. The things I do for writing.

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