Saturday, August 1, 2009


After two weeks of being never ending sleepovers.

I am alone.

It's a strange feeling.

Some explanation-

For two weeks Megan, my best friend who lives five and a half hours away came for a visit. Hanging out with her is a real treat due to the fact that I hardly ever see her. It was great, even though we mostly hung out around town without any major adventures. Being around someone who was so entirely different then me is something I need to experience more often.

A quick overview of our two weeks-

A trip to Dallas which was mostly babysitting on my part.

Concocting a blue cheesecake, yepp, you heard right. We used the entire bottle of blue.

Hanging out with my friends.

Breaking rules.

Making a new friend, someone who I could easily get along with.

Buying matching hats. I was particularly excited about this one, my love for hats runs deep. I wish people would wear them more.

Realizing just how different my sister is. In other words-how much she's changed.

Making videos, but then screwing them up.

Taking NO pictures. Jesus, I could kick myself for that.

Watched a ton of movies, including Benjamin Button, which I sincerely enjoyed.

So, now I am alone and feeling exhausted. Sleep deprivation is something is something everyone should experience every now and then.

PS-My next entry will have more back story. It will also involve how much of an idiot I can be when it comes to love.

Random thought of the day-

I'm going to Florida. Probably. Hopefully.

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