Monday, August 24, 2009

The art of being a natural.

Today was my first day of the 11th grade, the ideal high school age. In total, it was one different day. Due to the fact that my school is run by imbeciles, everything was wrong. Classes were screwed up, freshman were lost, and worst of all no one had classes with any of our friends. It was almost like our educators premeditated this, set us up to be surrounded by the people who we've never 'clicked' with, thus forcing talking. It was one awkwardly strange day.

This year is also different because I've transferred into what's universally known as the 'smart people classes'. Let me tell you, some of these kids are wayyy to uptight. Frankly, the top ten percent isn't much of an interest to me. Don't get me wrong though, it's fabulous if you're valedictorian. As long as you've earned it with excellent grades, not groveling with teachers and pestering your neighbors for answers like so many of the people I know. Needless to say, I was not particularly fond of these people, but throughout the day, they grew on me. I even completed my math homework! I haven't done that in years! So maybe this year I'll managed to scrape up a few A's and even manage not to grimace when I see my report card. I'm a smart kid, but I have hardly any worth ethic. Frailty, thy name is laziness.

Alsoooooo, last night, instead of sleeping like a good girl, I went to the movies. But I have an excuse! Inglorious Basterds was out and I just had to see it before school started. It was so worth it. Brad Pitt's accents couldn't have been better. I've never seen the holocaust shown like this. Go see it now. I'll even see it a second time in theaters.

Random thought of the day- There is a coffee cup sitting next to me. It was great. I was craving coffee all day.

Random conversation of the day-
Ashley- I hate high school!

^^^Undestatement much?

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