Monday, August 17, 2009

And this is what happens.

I am currently vacationing in Florida with Marilyn and her father. They both tumbled into bed early and Marilyn is sleeping three feet away from me, so I'm trying not to clack to loudly on the keyboard.

Despite the fact that there's hardly any sun and last night we hunkered down for a tropical storm, Florida is great! Don't worry, there wasn't even any rain in the 'storm' only strong gusts of wind. On the bright side, the water is clean and the sand is white. Texas is known for it's muddy and much abused beaches, so this has been a welcomed change. Also, it's only in the low 80's! Thank God for that. I've actually been able to walk around outside without dehydrating or practically inhaling water like I do back home.

The drive here was unlike any other. I woke up in Louisiana, fell back asleep again, then woke up in Alabama and miraculously kept my eyes open until we reached our destination. Normally, sleeping in cars is like successfully robbing a bank to me-nearly impossible, but I did it and for a solid seven hours too! Sure, my neck had a crick in it when I awakened and my eyeliner was smeared, but it was better than nothing I suppose.

I really should get to bed. Marilyn warned me of an early wake up call. The only reason I'm agreeing to it is because they bribed me with Krispy Kreme. Sweet Dreams World!

Random thought of the day- My mother cut and dyed my hair. It's a bit blonder. Also, I bought a leather jacket and some nice fall boots. 

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