Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things are shaping up to be pretty odd.

Today I will write about the strange people I've encountered within the past two days.

Person number one- Creepy Boy.

Reasons why he's on my list-

1. He shook my hand, then refused to let it go.

2. I've caught him staring at me for the past two years, every time I look his direction.

3. He stands way to close to me.

4. The kid just radiates creeper.

Person number two- The One Who Won't Shut Up

Reasons why he's on my list-

1. He flirts with our teacher, who is one of the most unlovable women I've ever encountered.

2. For some strange reason, he talks with a fake accent and usually only tells stories that involve illegal activity. Trying to be a cool kid?

3. Now, I'm a social girl, but this guy hardly glances my way. He's only interested in hitting on the teacher and socializing with about three people in the class.

Person number three- Screaming Kid With A Backpack

1. As I made my way towards the exit after school he sprinted towards me and roared directly behind my head. I turned around to him and raised my eyebrows. He stood smiling. "Who are you?" I asked. He just laughed and said, "I was trying to get in front of you." And with that, Screaming Kid With A Backpack sprinted towards the door. I glanced around the almost vacant hallway to see he could have easily dashed around us. The lion-like roaring was completely unnecessary.

What a bunch of characters!

By the way, today wasn't nearly as awful as yesterday, but still not great.

Random conversation of the day-

My teacher- If you need to stroke something, go to the bathroom down the hall and stroke yourself.

Random thought of the day- From now on, I'll honestly try to gossip less. I believe it will improve my character.

Credit for the picture goes to- _xxchange on Deviantart.com


  1. Thanks.
    Really, I have no idea where these people come from!