Friday, August 7, 2009


After becoming stressed to no end, I finally took my break. It sounds strange to me, a break, even just typed out. This is probably due to the fact that I am a habitually lazy person. I honestly wish I was one of those people who could do it all-go out with friends, type out a few chapters, and get eight hours of sleep. But I just can't. Maybe I'm ADD, maybe it's just my laziness. But the point is, I have returned and it's time to get back to writing, cleaning and preparing for school.

I have currently found myself entangled with thoughts of my vacation to Florida next week, clothes shopping for the dreadful school, and saying goodbye to my sister before she leaves for college. Florida will be a lovely little escape. School shopping should be fun, especially because one of my closest friends will be accompanying me on the voyage. This girl can sniff out deals like no other. However, the goodbye probably won't be as easy as I wish it would. But, you know, things don't often happen according to our wishes. That would make for an ideal life, which none of us have. Anyways, I'm planning on writing her a letter since I won't actually be here to wave her off. I'll be too busy soaking in the sun.

A few days ago I was called back to prison. Okay, it's not exactly a prison, but it's built like one and feels like one. School is starting to rope us all in and I am definitely not looking forward to it. This summer was too sweet for me to give up happily. Hopefully rereading The Catcher in the Rye, shopping for a new wardrobe and going to Florida will make things a little less nasty when the actual first Monday rolls around.

Random conversation of the day-
Me- Do you think I could be a ballerina?
Friend- Hahahahahah. NO.
Me- Why?
Friend- You're too short.
Me- Um, five four is a perfectly average height!

Random thought of the day-
I need a car so I can work at a grocery store. It seems like either tons of fun, or tons of boredom.

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