Thursday, August 27, 2009

This made my day great.

Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

This Thursday was one to remember, that's for sure. Here's what went down.

So, like a normal person, I'm walking towards the girl's bathroom. The hallway is desolate, seeing as mostly everyone is either in class or at lunch. Everything is virtually silent until I hear three echoing voices booming down the hallway. I cocked my head to the side, listening to the them, and stopping dead in my tracks. They weren't talking, they were rapping. Immediately, I started laughing, because they were seriously, some of the worst rappers I've ever voluntarily listened to in my sixteen-year-old life. With that, I continued my tread towards the bathroom, ignoring the oddity. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far.

"Hey, lil' mama! I like your walk!" A voice catcalled from behind me. Two whistles followed.

Normally, I would react to this like I always do, which is telling them off or flipping the bird, sometimes both. Sorry, this isn't a meat market and I'm not a steak, I'm a person. Quickly, I spun around, mouth open and ready to spit acid stained come-backs. However, these three boys standing a few yards away were all well over six feet tall and looked more likely then not to come after me. Stereotypically, I mean. So instead of playing the Tough Girl, I rolled my eyes, huffed out a defeated sigh, and escaped into the solace commonly known as the ladie's room.

Of course, this didn't stop these guys. "Hey, it's okay! I'll watch for you outside."

And with that, I had to say something. "Um, no." I retorted sarcastically as I washed my hands.

"Hey, it's fine. I'll wait, baby!"

This was followed by an officer's shout, warning my new friends' they should be in class. The only sound left was their sneakers shuffling by and the continuos rapping growing more distant with each passing second, obeying the school cop. Suckers. I busted out laughing once the coast was for sure clear. Hopefully, they won't come looking for me tomorrow.

After that, I spent the rest of my hellish math class praying for time to magically quicken. More stuff happens, but I've got tons of homework and really need to make a solid dent in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, finish watching Wuthering Heights, and drink a delicious can of Coke.

I'll finish this story as soon as I can. But here's a little hint- it involves- Theater, Creepy guys touching poor defenseless freshman girl's hair, my Job, a musical, and people who think they're The Shit.

Random conversation of the day-

Kid, well not really a kid, a teenage I guess- My boxers play music! Listen, it's Christmas Carols!

Random thought of the day-
U2 has been popping up more frequently on my playlist lately.

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